Finndomo is the largest manufacturer of private houses in the Northern countries, having 67 years of experience. This is an important partner in the designed building. The main market areas are the Northern and Baltic countries. According to the estimates of Finndomo, approximately one million people have already chosen a house of Finndomo. Finndomo seeks to create the best conditions for the life of a contemporary man.

Finndomo guarantees a reliable, long-lasting and cost-effective life; is fully responsible for the delivery; offers the additional services, on Your request.

Finndomo house collection can offer a model suitable to all the wishes. While choosing the housing, we provide the reliable information about various decision possibilities – starting with land acquisition and ending with a full finish. For the management of the entire process and construction facilitation, we use the partner network.

Finndomo works out and produces the houses of wooden-design. Despite the measured production of houses, the individual changes according to Your wishes are also possible. Depending on the method of construction the dimensional solutions can be adjusted.
Quality and Reliability

House delivery is safe and of high quality, justifying Your expectations by the implementation and schedule. The activity is determined by the international quality systems, which are based on the ecologically sound decisions. To ensure the products of high-quality, the attention is concentrated to the modern standards and requirements.
Influence on the Constructional Spheres

The production of houses and other residential buildings are in the process of significant changes. According to our estimates, the “local” constructions have a tendency to shrink: partly due to the shortage of professional work force, partly due to the benefits of quality, which can be ascribed to the factory-production. The market share of frame houses and the demand of the construction elements from the factory-production increase. The increase in the general level of the requirements for constructions, as well as the amount of the regional complex project levels, can also be observed. It is these moments that draw the attention of Finndomo Concern, while addressing high growth.
The Development of the Competitive Advantages of Large-Scale Production

The main advantages of large-scale production are the following:

  • larger and more flexible producing power
  • more efficient resource allocation
  • compatibility of different components and construction methods
  • more intense technical development
  • large-scale purchases
Modernization of the Factory-Produced Construction Elements

The goal of Finndomo is the technological leadership in building houses from the factory-produced elements. Building from the elements guarantees high quality, since the elements are fully completed and ready for the assembly in the warm and dry environmental conditions of the factory.

The trained staff implements all the stages of the skilled production-activity in the correct order and at the right time.

Well-developed manufacturing processes require less manual labor, as a result of which the construction from the elements becomes more economical. Since the production functions centrally, it is possible to better follow the eco-compliant work practices.

Element structures are easily mounted, which shortens the construction time in the plot. This reduces the impact of the seasons and weather to a minimum and saves costs. During the construction of a traditional wooden house in the plot, air change can cause a lot of trouble.

Houses are made according to the technology of modular elements.


Finndomo Concern joins the six following producers:
  • Omatalo
  • Puutalo
  • Vaajatalot
  • Hjaltevadshus
  • Modulenthus
  • Avaitkoti

OMATALO have become the winners in the national housing exhibitions seven times already. This producer has reached the success gradually. 67 years of experience, well-worked house projects, sound structures, and constantly updated technologies have provided the manufacturer with a reputation and popularity.
Omatalo launched its activity in 1939, in the City of Kivennapa, when the carpenter Tuomas Paavolainen started to produce the houses from the finished elements. The exceptional demand for these houses emerged during the war, when the production was moved to the City of Lohja.
In 1974, due to the fast-growing business, the factory was moved to the City of Sonkajärvi, where it is located at the moment.
Omatalo houses are sold in Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and since 2006 – in Lithuania, as well.


Customers are invited to get acquainted with the carefully worked, functional and idea-evoking house-projects. A variety of projects allow customers to choose according to their wishes and needs out of one, one and a half, two-storey, pitched, and terraced houses.
The projects can be selected from the Scandinavian to the contemporary style.
The offered house areas include the range between 64 m² compact house and the house of 377 m².
A client is provided with the opportunity to create the external, internal finish and interior according to his/her own taste.

We offer: one-storey house, one-storey house with an attic, two-storey house, two-storey house with an attic, houses on the slope, terraced houses, cottages. In addition, we also include the projects for nurseries, offices, dormitories, or two-storey block of flats.