Finndomo Technology

CE Certificates

The houses manufactured by “Finndomo” comply with the European Union directives for the building products. The products have the CE Certificate – the sign of the highest quality. The excellence of the manufacturer and the quality of the products are the results of the flawless work. We can argue that the houses of “Finndomo” meet all the standards of strength, mechanical effect and stability, as well as fire protection, sound tightness, thermal insulation and energy conservation.
Wooden Structures

”Finndomo” structures are produced by the automated lines. High technological precision and dry areas adapted in a special way, as well as the compliance with the moisture standards of production, provides high quality wood frames, and guarantees the production of the elements of even and exact dimensions. House constructions are made from the carefully selected, processed and dried coniferous wood growing in Finland. “Finndomo” is the only factory producing the patented multi-layered constructions of the wooden walls. They stabilize the shifts of the natural wood caused by temperature fluctuations.
Thermal Insulation

For the purposes of thermal insulation the element from the floor to the ceiling is fitted with a continuous 250- mm-thick layer of rock wool (“PAROC”). The result – evenly isolated, self-warm, thermal energy saving structure with a very low heat transfer coefficient K = 0.19 W/m²K (thermal resistance of approximately 6.5 m²K/W), which exceeds the standards set out in Lithuania.

Šilumos izoliacija
Protection against Moisture

The installation of the insert of the seamless vapor insulating film makes it possible to protect the structure against the potential risk of moisture getting in. In the case the element is produced with the film, the windows are protected as well. The application of this technology protects a house from the most common negative effects caused by moisture. Very hard gypsum boards (“Gyproc”) are installed on the inside, and the wooden boards – from the outside to hold the wind.
Corners of a House

Special structures and materials used for the isolation of the corners help to prevent heat loss and protect against moisture.

The improperly installed windows and the windows of poor quality is the reason that causes large heat losses and huge heating bills.
The houses of “Finndomo” are equipped with the highest quality sound insulation, sound windows, thermal insulation of which is much better than in the case of the conventional windows.
These are the selective glass windows filled with argon and aluminum profiles, which are fitted to the element and sealed already in the factory. The frame of the element with a heat-isolating material is tightly pressed around the window. Such a technological solution provides an excellent thermal insulation. Buying a house one is able to choose from the available factory-offered variants, choosing the color, and other dimensions.

Due to the special wooden elements and seamless layer of rock wool, the wall insulation is by 15% better than in the case of the traditional external wall structures. The economy of the heating energy allows the rational and effective planning of the house maintenance costs.
Prompt and Accurate Delivery

All the construction materials are stored in dry interior rooms, where they are piled into cars. Finndomo ensures prompt and accurate delivery to Your named place in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, within the period of three months.
Construction at Any Time of the Year

The elements of ”Finndomo” houses are delivered already prepared, as a result of which their installation takes very little time. Installation works do not interfere with either snow or rain.

Electrical wiring is very simple and functional – the space is designed for it in all the elements of the house external walls, as a result of which it can be installed in any place convenient to You, without affecting the structures. In the case You decide to install an additional power socket later, it can also be done without affecting the structures.
Factory Set

The factory offers the ready-made insulated elements, equipped with windows and exterior doors. This way the extremely warm walls of a house are created. The house module is collected within 5-15 days, depending on the size of a house and the degree of complexity.